55% Al Zn Prepainted Galvanized Coil DX53D Punching

محل منبع شاندونگ، چین
نام تجاری rigang
گواهی MTC ISO9001
شماره مدل کویل فولادی با روکش رنگی
مقدار حداقل تعداد سفارش 3 تن
قیمت Discuss
جزئیات بسته بندی پی وی سی + کاغذ ضد آب + بسته بندی چوبی مستحکم برای دریا<br>اگر به نمونه نیاز دارید، ما می توانیم آنه
قابلیت ارائه 5000 تن/تن در ماه
جزئیات محصول
نام کویل فولادی PPGL استاندارد AISI، ASTM،
تایپ کنید ورق فولادی با روکش رنگی تکنیک نورد گرم، از پیش رنگ شده
درمان سطحی روکش شده عرض 600mm-1500mm
طول 1000-12000 میلی متر تحمل ± 3٪
خدمات پردازش برش، مشت زدن، پرداخت کاربرد دکوراسیون، تولید، صنعت، ساختمان.

55% prepainted galvanized coil,prepainted galvanized coil DX53D,Punching prepainted gi steel coil


prepainted galvanized coil DX53D


Punching prepainted gi steel coil

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Decoration PPGL Coil 55% Al-Zn Alloy Coated Steel SMP Color Coated Steel Sheet



PPGL sheet in coil is a kind of steel Coil with PE, HDP, PVDF, and other coatings. It has good processing and forming,

good corrosion resistance, and the original strength characteristics of the steel plate.This is the PPGL steel coil Profile:

Top(Finish) Coating
Primer Coating
Chromate Coating
Zinc Coating
Base Metal(Cold Rolled Steel Sheet)
Zinc Coating
Chromate Coating
Epoxy, Polyester

The substrate is an annealed cold-rolled steel coil.


Chromated paint is used for cleaning the surface of the cold-rolled coil.

After Chromated, the next is zinc coated. The coil becomes a galvalume steel coil now.

After zinc coated, the next is Chromated again, for cleaning the galvalume steel coil surface again.

The primer coating is used for increasing the adhesion of the top coating. When cold roll forms, the paint will not fall off.

The top paint coating metal is PE or PVD




Grade CGCC,CGCH,G550,DX51D,DX52D,DX53D
Thickness 0.12-4.0mm
Width 600-1500mm
Length 1000-12000mm
Zinc Coating Z40-600 g/m2
Coating Thickness Top-15-35, Back 5-15
Color RAL Color

Matt,High gloss,Color with two sides,Wrinkle,

Wooden color,Marble

Coil Weight 2-5tons
Chemical Composition
Grade C Mn P S Si Cr Cu Mo Ni V
A 0.25 0.27-0.93 0.035 0.035 0.10 0.40 0.40 0.15 0.40 0.08
B 0.30 0.29-1.06 0.035 0.035 0.10 0.40 0.40 0.15 0.40 0.08
C 0.35 0.29-1.06 0.035 0.035 0.10 0.40 0.40 0.15 0.40 0.08